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What a Great Day. Welcome to www.findthebestlocal.biz.

This site holds various useful and interesting information.

In creating www.findthebestlocal.com we did a trememdous amout of research on the web. Once we pared down the content, we had a lot of material that did not quite fit in.

A lot of these accumulated knowledge related to:

  • Steps to surfing the internet more safely
  • Resources available to small business owners on the internet
  • Benefits and challenges of owning a web site
  • Best Practices in designing web sites that are safe, informative and up to current standards

Whether you are a parent, consumer, business owner, or novice web designer, we hope this site will provide information that you did not possess. Some of the realities of the internet are the exact opposite of what we are told in the media and on the internet itself.

Please visit www.findthebestlocal.com for helpful information for consumers and parents.

Have a Great Day!

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